Slay QUEEN! Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh makes dig at Don Lemon and it’s a GLORIOUS thing (watch) –

Usually on the Monday after the Oscars, we spend a lot of time writing about how stupid, embarrassing, awful, etc. the show was but all things considered, the 95th Oscars was not terrible. Oh, don’t get us wrong, there were still plenty of stupid comments (it’s Hollywood after all) and they screwed up and left out some fairly famous people when they did their ‘In Memorium’ bit BUT all things considered, we didn’t roll our eyes so much that they felt like they’d be permanently stuck there.

Especially when Michelle Yeoh won except for when NPR insisted on referring to her as someone who identifies as an Asian Woman … but that’s another story.

Yeoh’s speech about winning was awesome, especially if she was really making a dig at Don Lemon.


Remember when Lemon claimed Nikki Haley was ‘past her prime’?



Yes it is.

And since we say it is, it is.




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