Some laughs to start Thanksgiving right – check out these hilarious tweets, videos, and memes –

If there’s one thing we’re thankful for here at Twitchy, it’s the opportunity to laugh with you, every day. With that in mind, we thought we’d help kick off Thanksgiving by sharing some Thanksgiving-themed humor from the good folks of Twitter.

Now how can you not be thankful for that? LOL.

LOL! Dead.


This is a classic!

LOL! That 16 cents saving on your 4th of July picnic is looking pretty good right about now, eh!

Thanks, Biden!

We can all be thankful The Babylon Bee is back on Twitter!

HA! Genius!


It’s not Thanksgiving on Twitter without remembering this gem!

Don’t try him, folks!

This is the way.

Your great grandpa probably would have paused awkwardly for a moment, composed himself, and then said something like ‘That’s a real handsome family you have there.’



Y’all know it’s not just him!

Been there. Done that.

And that’s how it happens. LOL!


Not bad, satire site that was popular before The Babylon Bee showed up. Not bad at all.



HAHA! Yep.

No, Fozzie. Just no. That’s almost unbearable. (We’re sorry.)

Some of us absolutely love this tweet. The rest of you need to get in the Christmas spirit!

Speaking of Christmas!

Then we leave feeling like a Butterball.

LOL! Sort of reminds us of Mom trying to decide if she needs to invite Aunt Berta to Thanksgiving dinner, or if she died.

HA! Yes, it’s a parody.

If you did it right, that is!

Wars have been started for less.

If you don’t have a pair of pants you refer to as your ‘eating pants’, you’re not doing it right.

Hey, we were hungry!

Here’s to sharing many more laughs with you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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