Stephen Colbert praises himself as one who helps you stay sane, unlike Tucker Carlson –

Before watching the following clip make sure your projection detector is turned off or else it might explode and cause injury.

This week Tucker Carlson showed previously unreleased surveillance footage (that the January 6th Commission didn’t want made public for obvious reasons), and that particular act of journalism has triggered Democrats, many in the media as well as liberal late-night “comedians.” Stephen Colbert, who the Democrats can count on to run with whatever talking points he’s given, came to the defense of the Guardians of the Narrative by basically calling Carlson a doodie-head:

LOL! Because Colbert would never gaslight on behalf of the regime, right?

The level of projection from Colbert is off the charts.

Carlson clearly hit another nerve.

Quite an achievement!

Remember when some of Colbert’s crew were arrested (but not prosecuted) after illegally entering the U.S. Capitol? Oh the irony.



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