Taylor Lorenz slams Tucker Carlson’s first Twitter segment and couldn’t be more WILDLY wrong –

As Twitchy readers know, Tucker Carlson just released his first episode of Tucker on Twitter. Taylor Lorenz, ‘technology journalist’, couldn’t wait to dump on Tucker’s Twitter debut, as though she expected him to look like a YouTuber explaining how to air fry a ribeye or reward unsuspecting strangers with cash for helping a planted grandma across the street.

‘No jump cuts, no background music, no catchy thumbnail or video title’, she tweeted. The darn video just looked like some guy doing a political commentary show … you know, sort of like the Tucker Carlson show monologue, but on Twitter.

It seemed quite clear from the response to Taylor Lorenz that people weren’t looking for the next MrBeast video.

We hate to break it to Ms. Lorenz, but people are coming for his content, which, by the way, is the reason they watch any streamer or youtuber.

You can have jump cuts, graphics, and wonderful editing out the wazoo, but if your content sucks, you’re not going to build a following.

Tucker already has that. He’s just delivering it on a new platform.

Then she took a shot at the 16 million views Tucker had amassed when she began to opine. Just a mere 16 million views.

The video now has over 95 million views. Maybe Lorenz should have held her fire for a bit. LOL.

There were only a few replies to Lorenz’s tweet, all of this type, because she quickly shut down replies.

The fun stuff is in the quote tweets.

We’re so thankful for quote tweets.

Yep. Is there a large audience for your content? That’s most of the battle.

See, that’s some quality content right there. ‘ADHD zoomers with tiktok-induced goldfish attention spans’. LOL.


You know she’s been watching those numbers go up … and up … and up. It’s killing her.

And … jump cut to Taylor Lorenz blocking comments.


And it just keeps going.

How can a ‘technology journalist’ get this one so wrong?

It’s true. There was no shortage of people commenting on Tucker’s 10-minute clip, including Taylor Lorenz.

Ok, we actually loved this, but he doesn’t need it.

… like milk in a hot car in August.

Yes he did.

Perhaps if Tucker showed more cleavage Taylor would be impressed?

LOL! Tucker on Twitter, from the front seat of his Subaru in the Walmart parking lot.

We think ‘yes’. Tucker’s only getting started on Twitter, and these legacy media journalists have no idea what’s about to hit them.


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