Thanks Biden! Farm Bureau survey shows 2022 will be the most expensive Thanksgiving ON RECORD –

Happy Thanksgiving from the administration that has given Americans record-breaking inflation, energy DEPENDENCE and a buttload of other horrible, terrible, awful things in the past two years. Now, add to that the most expensive Thanksgiving Dinner maybe ever.

Democrats are SUCH givers.

According to the Farm Bureau, Americans continue to pay more than ever before in Biden’s economy:

The ‘gifts just keep on comin’ from Biden and his crap admin. Yay us!

From the Farm Bureau:

Spending time with family and friends at Thanksgiving remains important for many Americans and this year the cost of the meal is also top of mind. Farm Bureau’s 37th annual survey provides a snapshot of the average cost of this year’s classic Thanksgiving feast for 10, which is $64.05 or less than $6.50 per person. This is a $10.74 or 20% increase from last year’s average of $53.31.

The centerpiece on most Thanksgiving tables – the turkey – costs more than last year, at $28.96 for a 16-pound bird. That’s $1.81 per pound, up 21% from last year, due to several factors beyond general inflation.

Good times.

So MUCH to be thankful for in Biden’s America.

That is the sad reality. Americans are paying more for EVERYTHING thanks to President Pudding Pop and his merry admin of a-holes.

But don’t worry, if you install solar panels on your home you could get a tax break!



That sixteen cents can go to the 20% more we’re all paying just to have Thanksgiving dinner with our families.

So we’ve got THAT going for us.


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