The Hill says transportation is a nightmare for Buttigieg but it is the other way around. –

Pete Buttigieg is the transportation secretary and he is not too great at it. Since he has become such a mess, The Hill decided they might need to run some cover for him.

The article is all about what a bad hand he was dealt along with a laundry list of what his Republican opponents are saying about him.

It makes it seem like if only the mean ole’ Republicans would leave him alone, he would be fine.

Poor pitiful Pete, we should all feel so bad for him. Yes you read that right for HIM, not the people who have been hurt by his policies, not the people of Ohio, the nightmare is for Pete Buttigieg… *insert eye roll*

Of course, they would focus on him, we can not have people thinking Buttigieg should be responsible for his own actions or anything.

Why does it matter that he is the transportation secretary? Should he be responsible for his own job?  That is such an antiquated point of view. Things that happen to Democrats are never the fault of their own actions or policies!

Come on man!

Exactly. Ohio knew what they were doing! Buttigieg on the other hand has to deal with this mess they have made. Poor Pete.


Only with the help of those like ‘The Hill’ who are willing to show up and point out the real problem: his republican detractors.

See those pointing out he may not have been the best pick for the position are just Republican opposition and you should NOT listen to them.

Sure, the people of Ohio have had a rough time of it with the toxic chemicals and all, but Pete is the real victim here. We should not lose track of that.

HA! In all seriousness, we follow a lot of politics and we have for many years and we can not name previous Secretaries of Transportation so the fact that Pete Buttigieg is talked about often enough for the average Joe to know who is, is quite an achievement.  Not a GOOD achievement, but an achievement nonetheless.

It is so sad. If only those mean Republicans would stop making trouble, like train derailments and stuff…

Pete Buttigieg is a rising star for the Democrat Party now faces obstacles others never have to deal with.
He is not the problem. You are!
Poor pitiful Pete.

(Please note: the majority of this article has been sarcasm.) 


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