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Many people have charged that the Jan. 6 “insurrection,” if any such thing took place at all, was the work not of Trump supporters who were on hand at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, but of Leftist plants in the crowd, directed by feds who were avid to frame and destroy Trump. Now the defense attorney for one of those supposed “insurrectionists” is charging that our corrupt and politicized federal law enforcement agencies had a large number of undercover informants in the crowd that day. If his claim is substantiated, it should put the Left’s “insurrection” fantasy definitively to rest.

The Democrats’ carefully constructed Jan. 6 “insurrection” narrative was dealt a body blow when Tucker Carlson aired previously unseen footage early in March. Although more was promised and not delivered, the damage was done. The Viking horns guy, “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley, has been freed after Carlson aired video of him being led peacefully around the Capitol by a police officer, rather than storming the building as part of some Trump-led conspiracy to overthrow the government. Even the Democrats seem to have moved on, at least for now, to trying to convict Trump for some old misdemeanors dressed up as felonies with a porn star who admits she had no affair with him.

But we still don’t know how many federal agents were among the rioters on that day, and how much they had to do with the crowd’s entry into the Capitol. Roger Roots, the attorney for Jan. 6 defendant Dominic Pezzola, a member of Proud Boys, has filed a motion to “compel the United States to reveal all informants, undercover operatives and other Confidential Human Sources (CHSs) relating to the events of January 6.” Roots’ motion states that “witnesses first admitted there was one CHS embedded among the Proud Boys on Jan. 6. Then there were two; then there were three. Then the government stipulated on April 4 that there were 8 FBI CHSs among the Proud Boys.” And that’s just the FBI.

Roots adds that “the DC Metro Police had at least 13 undercover plain-clothes agents among the Proud Boys and other patriots on Jan. 6. Next, there appear to have been some 19 CHSs on Jan. 6 belonging to an agency called HSI (Homeland Security Investigations). When added to the 8 FBI CHSs now acknowledged by the prosecutors, this means that there were at least forty (40) undercover informants or agents doing surveillance among defendants on January 6.” These people were not peripheral. Roots states: “Some of these undercover Metro officers marched with the Proud Boy march. And some appear to have played roles of instigators, in that they are seen on body-worn videos chanting ‘Go! Go!,’ ‘Stop the Steal!,’ and ‘Whose house? Our house!’ on Jan. 6.” Was everyone agitating to go into the Capitol on Jan. 6 a fed or one of their henchmen, such as the DC Metro Police? At this point, it’s a real possibility.

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Roots notes that “Pezzola submits that the entire defense in this trial, including opening, cross, and defense cases, would have been different, and much more aggressive, if defense counsel had known of the scope and scale of undercover government operations on Jan. 6.” We don’t know that scope and scale yet. If the government started out by admitting that there was one fed in the crowd, and then owned up to two, and then three, and is now up to eight FBI agents, there is no telling that they’ve finished low-balling and is now giving us the correct number. On top of all that, there is the lingering mystery of Ray Epps, the only man captured multiple times on video telling people they should go into the Capitol. He has miraculously escaped arrest, trial, and imprisonment, while other Jan. 6 defendants languish in prison in inhumane conditions. Roots states, quite rightly, that Epps “is being suspiciously protected from prosecution by the government.” The feds need to own up to exactly how many people they had working the crowd that day, and what their mission was, and what Ray Epps’ role was in all of it.

This is, however, unlikely. If the political and media elites still find Jan. 6 useful even after Tucker Carlson dealt their narrative a body blow, we’re not likely to get the full truth about it anytime soon. Also, telling that truth would likely mean admitting that they tried and failed yet again to frame Donald Trump for a crime he didn’t commit. As always, no one on the Left seems to be in any mood for cleansing the soul through confessing their sins.

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