The SecKit Cube 3D Printer

This was a long one – I build and test out the SecKit Cube 3D Printer.

SecKit website:
Build a SK-Cube:

Videos and Places Mentioned:
Install Klipper using Kiauh Instructions:
ModBot Army streams:
Input Shaper:
Pressure Advance:–ev3-4s
Light Speed LS3D Twitter:
Fan Duct Replacement:
Fan Duct Replacement I Used:
Board Cooling Fan File:
Lego Style Files:

Parts I Bought Separate from Provided Parts from SecKit (affiliate):
ADXL345 for input shaping:
Wires to help with input shaping:
Permatex High-Temp Red RTV Silicone Gasket:
Kapton Style Tape:
Loctite Threadlocker:

Time Stamps:
Intro – 00:00
Build Notes – 2:42
Flashing Klipper – 8:01
First Tests and Calibrations – 10:57
More PLA Tests – 14:12
ABS Active Heating – 17:59
PolyCarbonate – 21:37
Final Thoughts – 22:52

Background music by Joakim Karud

My go-to PLA is Polymaker PLA Pro. Not only is it easy to print, it is extremely strong:
My favorite is of course my 3D Print General FDE – shipping starting December 2022:

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