This Month in 3D Printing for September 2022

Trying out a new segment recapping the news in 3D printing over the past month. Make sure you leave a comment if you see any news over the next month or have other channels to suggest.

October News:

More info:
Ultimaker Makerbot Merge:
Creality Sonic Pad:
PrusaSlicer Update:
Adidas Shoe:
Reddit Post 90 Degree Print:
Full Control:
My Interview with Evan Jones:

YouTube Channels Suggested:
The Creative Collector:
Off Earth:
Evan Jones:

Time Stamps:
Intro – 00:00
Ultimaker Makerbot Merge – 00:31
Creality Sonic Pad – 1:16
PrusaSlicer Update – 2:20
Adidas 3D Printed Shoe – 2:57
Crazy 90 Degree Print/Full Control – 3:49
Small YouTube Channels- 4:13

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