This new TikTok beauty filter is scary good … or bad –

Twitter reacted to a new TikTok beauty filter named ‘Bold Glamour’ that appears to have taken the beauty filter to a new level.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech has been making quite a stir lately with the emergence of ChatGPT, but AI-driven graphics are also advancing rapidly. The result has been so-called ‘deep fakes’, advanced photo editing, and filters like this new one making waves on TikTok.

Twitter user, artist, and AI enthusiast Memo Akten shared a series of TikTok videos of women reacting to the new filter.

This photographer demonstrated the new filter while explaining that filters such as this have altered women’s self-perception of themselves, to the point that many aren’t happy with the results when their actual faces are photographed.

Many shared similar concerns about the negative impact the altered reality of these filters have created.

We’ve seen beauty filters before, but this one seems more advanced. Many women demonstrated how well the filter adjusted to movement and passing their hands or hair in front of their faces.

Yeah, that’s a bit freaky.

We’ve got to say, the technology was a bit disturbing … and some of the videos were hilarious. LOL.

Check the thread if you want to see them all.

Okay, we’re not sure that was the Bold Glamour filter, but it made us laugh.

It’s definitely a different world than the one many of us grew up in.


Wanting to be something other than ourselves has plagued humanity from the start. Unfortunately, our technology is exacerbating the problem.

… like Foosball. (Random Waterboy reference, sorry.)

We like this approach. It’s healthy.

Men and women alike were uneasy about the new filter.

Thanks, China! LOL.

A heavy majority of Twitter users definitely were not fans of the filter.

In this editor’s opinion, women often impose these standards on themselves even more than men.

Just be your beautiful selves, ladies.

What we really need is a filter that convinces women men really mean it when we tell them they look nice. LOL.


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