Tiger Woods makes a joke and USA Today columnist cannot even –

Tiger Woods apparently made one of the oldest sports-related jokes in the world and USA Today columnist Christine Brennan is ON it:


Heaven forbid men make jokes with each other, right? You would think we have enough going on in the world without getting our hair on fire over what one golfer says to another.

The whole opinion column is a cringe-fest but this bit in particular stands out:

I wonder, does Tiger buy his own tampons? Does he have a supplier, a woman he knows who gets them for him? Or does he simply steal them out of the women’s locker room at country clubs when no one is looking?

For complaining about a man acting like a teenager, Brennan sure sounds like a teenage girl herself.

Actually, that’s probably an insult to teenage girls.

Fortunately, people who don’t get twisted up in knots over extremely normal sports behavior weighed in:

They really don’t.

She definitely found it.

Women laughing at a joke about women? What is this world coming to?

It IS funny. And this Tweeter is correct. There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on, let’s maybe focus on that instead.

In closing, no one will be surprised to know that Tiger Woods apology is not good enough for Christine:


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