Trans activist ‘now a proud criminal’ for shipping ‘lifesaving medicine’ across state lines –

We recently wrote about Eli Erlick, a Ph.D. candidate in feminist studies at UC Santa Cruz, trying to dunk on Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik for accidentally including a “trans sheep” in her children’s book. Looking at both pages, it was pretty clear to most people that the ram was the children’s father — it must have confused some lefties to see a mother and father depicted raising children.

Erlick had had an earlier run-in with Libs of TikTok last August when she was featured for sending prescription hormones to trans youth, illegally.

Erlick is still at it, sending “lifesaving medicine” (seriously?) to transgender youth (minors) in states where it’s illegal.

“I order 4 times more estrogen & testosterone blockers than I actually take. You should too.” So … setting up a network to ship drugs to minors that are not prescribed for them across state lines. Sounds legit.

We’re old enough to remember when “crossing state lines” was a heinous crime perpetrated by Kyle Rittenhouse.

It would be nice for law enforcement to investigate this; plus, it would be interesting to hear the “lifesaving medications” defense used in a trial.


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