Trans doctor utterly mortified by her treatment in front of the Arkansas senate –

This editor doesn’t intend to do a post on transgender issues every Saturday, but somehow always ends up doing one. For a “marginalized” community with no power, transgender activists have nonetheless compelled the dictionary to change its definition of “woman.”

Is there any place worse than Arkansas? A trans doctor testified before the state senate there and was appalled and utterly mortified over her treatment by the legislature. She told her story to The Independent:

Gwendolyn Herzig writes about her testimony against SB199, also known as Concerning Medical Malpractice and Gender Transition in Minors; and to Create the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act of 2023. So it concerns minors specifically.

This legislation, like so many other bills nationwide, targets and limits access to care for the transgender community and further stigmatizes an already marginalized population. The crusade to vilify those who just want to live life as their authentic self is baffling. Almost as much as the rationale, or lack thereof, behind the movement working to limit or halt care.

Senator McKee from Garland County was trying to corner me into answering his question and stated that there is a ”large body of medical evidence of harm that has come upon people who have gone through these processes”, which he neglected to cite and I obviously don’t agree with. I responded: “I am familiar with the large body of evidence showing that providing good affirming care saves lives.” We went back and forth three times with him getting increasingly agitated with me each time.

He then asked if I was a trans woman, to which I replied back that I am a trans female. Then the most insulting, dehumanizing, egregious question was asked of me: “Do you have a penis?”

Damn, we have women walking around the Capitol dressed as vaginas … why so sensitive?

That’s not a bad point. This person is advocating for “gender-affirming” surgeries on minors. Is she personally familiar with it?

Even The Atlantic of all places recently ran a piece on how detransitioners ought to be taken more seriously, as not everyone gets past the honeymoon period of surgery and lives without regret.


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