Trump indictment has Mike Lee implying the US has become a BANANA republic –

As we told you the Trump indictment dropped last night and there were A LOT of reactions. One of our favorites was the one from Senator Mike Lee. He implied we have become a BANANA republic and we can not disagree. This SHHHHH is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. (yes we hope you sang that like Gwen Stefani).

Lee is spot on. You do not even have to like Trump to know this is insane. It will turn into an even bigger circus if a Republican wins the Presidency and turns the tables on Hillary and Biden. A lot of people agreed with Senator Lee but we did find some hard-core Democrats who think the indictment is just peachy and yes we seem to be on a fruit binge in this article.

*insert eye roll* This take was super popular. ‘It WaS A gRaNd JuRy’ Twitter is so obnoxious. Everybody knows who is behind this. Pretend it was an unbiased grand jury all you like, it does not make it true …

NOW onto some people with a little more common sense.

*SNORT* We should not laugh at an old man who falls all of the time, but here we are. We blame the fact we live in an insane climate and if we do not laugh we will cry.

We liked it too. Senator Lee was trying to drop a little humor into a very SAD state of events. We appreciate it.

HA! She is known to wear some insanely UGLY clothes we would not be surprised.

BINGO! Look, we are not saying anyone is above the law, not even Trump. We along with Senator Lee are saying that the Left weaponizes institutions against Republicans on purpose and nobody does anything about those on the LEFT who have done the same things. Hillary and Biden are prime examples.

This may be true, but do we care? We love this country. We do not love what has become of the culture and political climate lately, but the United States is AWESOME and we should not care what other countries think of us. They all love to hate us and it is fine. All of that being said, whether you think Trump is guilty or not, we should all be able to say that the ‘law’ is not being applied evenly to Democrats and Republicans in higher office. Our government should be ‘raisin’ expectations not lowering them!

We are not quite Venezuela but we could be heading there if we do not get a hold of this mess soon. Keep trying to find a small laugh in the middle of this chaos and ‘orange’ you glad we stopped with the fruit jokes?


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