Upgrading your 3D Printer to 8mm Leadscrews

In this video I upgrade my 5mm threaded rods for my Z axis to 8mm leadscrews. This is a great upgrade for anyone looking for more stability and higher quality prints.

Parts (affiliate links – no extra charge to you):
8mm Threaded Rods:
5mm to 8mm Couplings:
Anti Backlash:
White Lithium Grease:
Spare bolt screws and nuts:

RepRap Calculator:

Folger Tech Leadscrew with Cable Chain Mounts:
Z motor Stand-off for FolgerTech:
Z Bearing Guides:

We Are One by Vexento

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First to Last by Gunnar Olson:
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Apparently, my Gun Printer can also make a fuse puller for my car! Now back to my regularly scheduled printing all thanks to the talented people here.

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