vp22 barrel thread/attachments

The vp22 really doesn't look right without something attached at the end. Real cans are costly with all of the forms required (and in the case of the vp22 badly designed) and fake cans are lame because they don't actually serve any purpose.

It'd be nice to have different types of attachments like flash suppressors/flash hiders, nice looking multi-piece fake cans like the KAW modular suppressor. All of the available one-piece designs have the same issue where one end is always going to look like sh!t without any cool shapes because it's on the 1st layer.

Heads up for anyone considering doing a form-1 for one of the actual vp22 suppressor-suppressors available, they're all badly designed and over-complicated with elaborate gas flow-through vents intended for fully-automatic MGs. Bolt-action/single-shot guns don't ever need flow-through and it drastically reduces the sound dampening function. In contrast, B&T's VP9 has a basic tube suppressor that's extremely quiet and it just uses replaceable rubber wipes.

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