Waco Waffle "Tanker" AK Magazine V1.0.2


Waco Waffle “Tanker” AK Magazine V1.0.2: Laffs Dynamics

A 20rd 3DP magazine for AK pattern firearms chambered in 7.62×39.

Features a reinforced “waffle” style ribbed magazine body, HEAVILY inspired by Arsenal (Bulgarian) Circle 10 “Waffle” mags.
Has a thickened baseplate to absorb impacts from drops, an anti-friction follower, and a separately printed rear locking

This design also allows the use of AR-15 magazine springs via alternate follower and floorplate versions, for Western
(North American countries) builders; as AR-15 magazine springs are often cheaper and easier to acquire.

Over 420rds overall have been test fired through the magazines.

Tested with:

* Palmetto State Armory PSAK-47 GF3, Domestic (x2)
* Century C39v2, Domestic
* Zastava ZPAP M70, Serbian Import
* Cugir WASR10, Romanian Import

Two follower and floorplate versions are available:

*Standard: AK spring usage.
*AR: AR-15 spring usage, labeled on each part.

Shares most identical parts usage with the original 3FTech Revo1ution AK Magazine. (Baseplate is the exception.)

Update V1.0.2: Added Bulgarian Slabside mag floorplates and baseplates to compatible parts list. Added contributor to credits
for their work.

Printer Used: Ender 3 V2

Filament Used: PLA+

Print Settings:

Extruder: 220C
Bed: 56C
First Layer Print Height: .2mm
Standard Layer Height: .16mm
Wall Perimeters: 7+
Infill: 32%+
Infill Pattern: Gyroid
Support Material Percentage: 18%

Crispy Waffle Variant Print Settings (OPTIONAL):

Slicer Software: Cura

Fuzzy Skin: Enabled
Fuzzy Skin Outside Only: Enabled
Fuzzy Skin Thickness: .1mm
Fuzzy Skin Point Distance: .1mm

Print ALL the parts on their bases, and use tree supports for the front of the mag body and underneath the front
lock lug.

Hardware Needed:

1x 20rd Length AK Mag Spring

1x 20rd Length AR-15 Mag Spring (OPTIONAL)

(See NOTES below for options for acquiring mag springs)

Parts Installation:

1) Apply cyanoacrylate adhesive inside the pocket for the rear locking lug. If the rear locking lug is slightly loose
in the pocket, apply Clear Gorilla Glue. Wait 24hrs for the adhesive to cure.

2) Insert the rear locking lug, with the angled facet facing outwards, and down towards the mag body’s base.

3) Lightly sand the anti-friction follower’s sides and curved spine.

4) (OPTIONAL) If printing to make the ProSpaceDog “Crispy Waffle” variant, be sure to sand inside the mag body follower

5) Slide the top of the magazine spring through the front of the follower, above the spring retention tab.

6) Attach the floorplate to the bottom of the magazine spring, making sure the first spring winding snaps over the

7) Slide the internal spring assembly into the magazine body.

8) Depress the floorplate, and slide on the baseplate. The floorplate’s locking tab must index with the channel in the


1) Bulgarian, Korean, and US based Magpul springs have been tested.

2) A 30rd AK mag springs cut in half will create two 20rd springs. (If that math doesn’t make sense to you, often 40rd AK
mags use 30rd mag springs.)

3) Cheapo Korean 10rd mags have been found to have longer springs than Magpul dedicated 20rd mags. Harvesting the springs
from these mags are an alternative method for hardware acquirement if 30rd or 20rd mag springs are unable to be secured.

4) If printing the Crispy Waffle magazine variant, cycle the follower in and out of the mag body multiple times to smooth
interacting surfaces. Allow for break-in, and(or) use a cut in half Wolff Extra Power AK Spring.

5) Bulgarian Slabside Polymer AK mag followers, floorplates, and baseplates are compatible with the Waco Waffle series of


ProSpaceDog: Printed and assembled multiple magazine. Tested cut down 30rd mag springs as a viable alternative to using
and sourcing dedicated 20rd mag springs. Tested for fitment and function in their AK. Created the “Crispy Waffle” variant.
Gave data on support structure positioning in slicing software. Provided still images and video footage.

3D EDC: Printed and assembled multiple magazine. Printed in manual “Hot Swapped” color combinations: “CyberBonk Bubblegum”
Pink & Blue, “Bees Knees” Yellow & Black, and “Battle Mech” Silver/Grey & Light Green. Tested for fitment and function in
multiple AKs. Gave data on support structure positioning in slicing software. Provided still images and video footage.

Dogenado: Provided aesthetics info on moving the Laffs logo originally from the baseplate, to the side of the magazine
where Arsenal Waffle mags have their “Circle 10” logo, as Bulgarian Waffle mags heavily inspired this design.

Cultivated Laser: Printed and laser etched a mag, discovered ALL Bulgarian Slabside mag internals are compatible with the
Waco Waffle Series of AKM mags. Provided images.

Special Thanks To: Dianexis, GW-DD, Gh0stmed, Freeman1337, and listed above collaborators for the moral support of this

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