WaPo sounds alarm over lib journos getting a taste of what NY Post (and lots of us) had to deal with –

It’s not just GOP Sen. Rand Paul who has some grievances to air this Festivus. Washington Post news media reporter Paul Farhi also has a major bone to pick. Namely with none other than Elon Musk.

See, it seems that even after Musk said that he’d reinstate the accounts of journalists whose accounts had been suspended for possibly abetting doxxing, he still had some criteria that they needed to meet before they could really and truly come back to Twitter. And Farhi apparently has a problem with that:

More from Paul Farhi:

Twitter has privately demanded that the suspended journalists delete the tweets that drew Musk’s ire in the first place — a condition the reporters have refused to accept.

The result is a stalemate: The suspended journalists remain in Twitter purgatory, unable to access their accounts.

The tweets in question mentioned or linked to a Twitter account called @ElonJet, which tracked the whereabouts of Musk’s private jet using publicly available flight data. All of the journalists were covering or commenting on Musk’s decision to banish the account, which he said threatened his family’s safety by tracking his movements.

First of all, as some very thorough tweeters were careful to point out, it looked a lot like the “publicly available flight data” was actually private, and Jack Sweeney, the guy behind the @ElonJet Twitter account, took some ethical license by posting the whereabouts of Elon Musk’s private jet.

And second of all, are we supposed to be upset about journalists being told to delete their problematic tweets? Farhi sure seems to think so. But we couldn’t disagree more. Because we’re not. Not even a little bit.

The tiny orchestra is deafeningly loud right now.

We plebs have been threatened with permanent suspension for not deleting tweets that journalists didn’t like for ages, and we plebs were told to just suck it up because those were the rules and if we didn’t like them, too bad. Even if the rules were applied arbitrarily and overwhelmingly to critics of liberal media.

And now we’re supposed to show solidarity with journalists in their righteous indignation because they’re having to abide by the dumb guidelines we all had to follow? The hardest of passes, Paul.

So does the New York Post, no doubt. We don’t recall Paul Farhi or his Washington Post colleagues or really any stunningly brave member of the firefighting mainstream media raising so much as an eyebrow on behalf of the New York Post when Twitter (and Facebook, and other media outlets) went to work trying to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. And now that we know that that suppression was done with the support and prodding of the Biden campaign and the FBI, Farhi et al. still aren’t losing any sleep over that.

But when dipstick clowns like Aaron Rupar lose access to their Twitter accounts, we’re all supposed to grab our torches and pitchforks and rally to journalists’ defense. Please.

They were telling the New York Post to quit their whining and telling us to shut up and respect Real Journalism™.

Go cry us a river, Paul. Try not to drown in it.

And don’t expect us to throw you a life preserver.




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