Weird fake amputee scam account Alina Art gets suspended –

Sometimes weird stuff happens on Twitter we just have to tell you about because it’s funny. One such case is the now-suspended Twitter account of Alina Art.

Everything about this account just screamed that something was off. There were weird requests for birthday wishes, photos that just didn’t look like the same person, broken English, and … she seemed to lose … and regain … limbs at random.

LOL. We told you it was weird.

Apparently, Twitter users reporting the account repeatedly for clearly being fake finally caught up with Alina Art and she … or he … was suspended.

You really just don’t know about accounts like this. Alina could easily be a starved-for-attention 42-year-old man, living in his mom’s basement. The internet’s a messed up place, y’all.

She’s had a rough life.

LOL. Twitter took a moment to celebrate the account suspension and have a good laugh.

Scammer’s got scams.


LOLOLOL! Take your shot, brother!


Like we said, it was an odd Twitter account.

Tell us when you spot the problem. LOL.

Trans-amputed is a new one, even for Twitter. What would we call them?

… Trans-am …

We’re sorry. We’ll think about what we’ve done.


Imagine throwing all those birthday parties … probably cost her an arm and a leg.


We can’t believe you people … are so awesome!

RIP Alina Art.


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