Widdle Adam Kinzinger TROUNCED for clown-show tweet defending Biden going back home to Delaware AGAIN –

At this point, it would only really be newsworthy if Biden DIDN’T leave the White House for Delaware over the weekend. Remember how the media, Lefties, Never Trump, etc screeched every time Trump golfed? But you know, it’s ok when their guy is absent, a lot.

Or maybe we should just say absent-minded.


That’s a lot of time away from his job.

Most people would you know, at least be in trouble for taking that much time off. And oh look, there’s little Adam Kinzinger doing his part to solidify his cred as a political analyst on CNN.

Yeah, we laugh every time we write that out as well.

Maybe Adam missed it, but Biden isn’t in Congress.

Then again, neither is Adam sooo …

Don’t worry, Joe, Adam has your back.


Then again, this may not be such a bad thing considering how awful Joe really is.


Talk about a completely out-of-touch with reality tweet from Kinzinger.

It’s math, Adam.




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