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It is safe to say that defending Kamala Harris’s intelligence is not a hill most would be willing to die on. Republicans and Democrats alike acknowledge that Harris is a historically weak and historically unpopular vice president who presents a problem for Joe Biden in the event he runs for reelection.

But if you’re The View co-host Ana Navarro, it is, and she has some choice words for those who dare to portray her as a “bumbling fool” by maliciously showing clips of her infamous word salads.

“I don’t know what the hell is wrong with Democrats. Listen, here’s the bottom line, Joe Biden is going to be your nominee. Stop talking about how old he is and Kamala Harris is going to be your vice president. So stop fretting. Stop wringing your hands and get behind your ticket,” Navarro said on Monday’s episode of The View. “Because on the other side, the alternative is Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis. So you tell me what you prefer.”

Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis as president would be fantastic, actually. But I digress. Navarro is upset that even Democrats are calling Kamala Harris out for being a drag on the ticket.

“You know what they’re doing? They’re playing right into the hands of Fox News. Fox News, every single day, goes after Kamala Harris — trying to portray her as inept and some kind of bumbling fool. She’s not! That’s not who she is.”

And, for good measure, she made it about racism and sexism. “And so Democrats have to come out and reinforce Kamala, they’ve got to stop playing into the hands of these people who cannot stand that she is the first woman… the first woman of color vice president and don’t want her to succeed!”

It’s not? Did I miss something? Are all the videos of Kamala Harris failing to talk herself out of a paper bag deepfakes? Like last month, when she responded to Nikki Haley, for daring to say we need a new generation of leadership. She said, “when you present the — the suggestion that anyone is saying… umm…  that — that it is time for a new generation — and they’re running against the person who is president — and it when presented as though it’s an attack, I would like to let — let us all be clear that the attack is misplaced if the point of it is that we need leadership that is strong because we have a strong leader in Joe Biden.”

Or how about when she glitched while speaking before NASA’s planned Artemis 1 launch last year, when she said, “We have people who have been working for decades to do the work that has been about America’s leadership… in terms of space exploration. And today is very much on that path about showing the great work that happens here with these exceptional public servants, these exceptional skilled professionals who have the ability to see what is possible and what has never been done before. How exciting is that?”

Another fun example is when Harris responded to a question about whether Democrats dropped the ball by not codifying Roe into law over the past five decades. She responded, “I think that, to be very honest with you, I do believe that we [long pause] should have rightly believed, but we certainly believe that certain issues are just settled. Certain issues are just settled.”

I’ll offer one more example. Last year, while visiting Highland Park, Ill., in the aftermath of a mass shooting, she managed to ramble for 28 seconds without saying anything coherent. “We got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are because you have been forced to have to take this seriously,” she said. “The whole nation should understand and have a level of empathy to understand that this could happen anywhere in any peace-loving community. And we should stand together and speak out about why this has to stop. Thank you.”

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter whether Kamala’s a woman or a minority. The fact is, when she speaks off the cuff, she sounds like she’s spewing words directly off of an iPhone’s predictive text feature and got stuck in a redundant loop of gobbledygook.

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