“You are erasing our trans babies” – Florida Democrat Anna Eskamani –

Florida Democrat Representative Anna Eskamani did her part in kicking off the Pride at the Capitol activities by stepping up to the mic and announcing that the legislation the group is protesting is “erasing trans babies”.

Yes, you read that correctly: Erasing. Trans. Babies.

Take a listen to the jaw-dropping statement at the 0:18 mark:

Let’s pretend for a moment that there even is such a thing as trans babies. How could you tell if a baby was trans? How would trans babies communicate their trans status? Do they cry when you put them in a color traditionally associated with a gender they don’t identify as?

How much longer until the Democrats realize that this ridiculous hyperbolic rhetoric is why people are having a hard time taking them seriously?

It’s not surprising that Anna is one of the reasons that Florida Democrats lose.

From The Florida Standard:

It remains unclear what exactly “trans babies” are and who is “erasing” them. Democrats, Republicans and members of the public alike are mystified at the meaning of Eskamani’s outburst.

The Florida Standard reached out to the Florida Democratic Party but was unable to get an explanation.

But privately, Democratic leaders fumed at Eskamani after the strange act.

“Anna is why we lose,” one top Democrat, speaking under the condition of anonymity, told The Florida Standard.


Apparently, they cannot.

Nailed it.


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